Why Personal Training?


What can personsal training do for you?

We all have health and fitness goals. It doesn't matter whether you aspire to running 5km without walking, want some extra help preparing for your 10th Iron Man Triathlon or are simply looking to improve your overall health and wellbeing. Working with a Personal Trainer can help you achieve that goal.

What does a Personal Trainer do?

A Personal Trainer will assess your current fitness level and tailor a training program to your specific goals. They will monitor your progress towards your goal and adjust your training as you progress.

Personal Trainers introduce you to new exercises and activities and help you do them safely and effectively. They keep you motivated, both to turn up to your sessions and to work hard during your sessions. And most importantly, they make exercise fun.

Just 30 minutes of targeted exercise with a Personal Trainer can be more effective than spending hours in the gym.


Why choose U plus Fitness?

With U plus Fitness, you get to train with Steve. Every session is different and Steve makes training fun.

Steve is an enthusiastic and dedicated Personal Trainer. He will program each of your sessions to match your fitness level and goals. He will help you focus on your technique to enable you to train hard safely.

When you train with U plus Fitness you will work hard each and every session and have fun doing so.

Family-friendly Training

Steve has a young family and specialises in family-friendly training. Whether you are a new Mum wanting to train with your baby, a Dad wanting to get back into things or a couple looking to train together or tag-team, Steve can tailor a session to your needs.

Steve can also provide training tailored to pregnancy and post-natal recovery.


"My fitness level was at the lowest it had been after having our second baby and I was nervous about getting back to exercise. Steve listened to my concerns and we eased into a program.
Since then, my strength and stamina have improved dramatically, not only during exercise but also in my day-to-day activities. I have never done the same program twice and sessions are fun but challenging.
I highly recommend Steve to other clients." - Jean