About Steve

Steven McCarthy is U plus Fitness.

Once upon a time, Steve was a sporty jock. Then he got injured. He got a desk job as a Software Engineer. And forgot to move for 10 years. He became a Stay-at-Home Dad. Suddenly he realised he was unfit. So he decided to get fit again and re-trained as a Personal Trainer. He hasn't looked back.

Steve as a Personal Trainer

Steve is a super enthusiastic, dedicated, professional Personal Trainer, registered with Fitness Australia. He loves to help people achieve their fitness goals and gets super excited when he sees people achieving results. He encourages and motivates without getting all in your face.

Steve is really focused on using correct form and techniques to help you train in the most safe and effective manner.

He likes to keep things interesting and brings variety to your sessions. He is always looking for new exercises and techniques to use. He has recently completed Zuu, Punch Fit and Boot Camps training.

When you train with Steve you will work hard each and every session and have fun doing so.


Family Friendly Training

Steve has 2 young children, Ethan (3 1/2 years) and Rhys (9 months).

He understands the difficulties training when you have family commitments. He is happy to provide family friendly training for Mums, Dads, Couples or Families.

Having been a stay-at-home Dad for a period of time, he has a special interest in training for Dads, including Dads and kids training.

He also has experience in both training during pregnancy and for post-natal recovery.

Steve's Qualifications